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Friday, 9 October 2020

Top 6 Highest Paying URL Shortener Make Money Online

1) Shorte : Highest Paying URL Shortener

As the name suggests, it is a link shortener service based on Europe. You are already familiar with, right? This one is far way better than that. Actually this service is linked with an advertise network which helps us to earn the moneyYour earning amount (payment) will be send automatically on the 10th day of each month.

1) Payment Method: Paypal or Payoneer

2) Minimum Payout: 5$ through Paypal or 20$ through Payoneer

3) Alexa Rank (Global): 8,509

4) High commission compared to other networks

5) Don’t have to wait for the approval

6) User-friendly interface and interesting tools to bag the highest

6) Referral System with high payout

7) Real-time statistics to be aware about your earning

2) AdFly: Most Popular URL Shortener is an one of the most popular and trusted URL shortening company. Just register for an account and start shrinking URLs. You will get paid when anyone visits on your URLs. With you can earn upto 4$ per 1000 views to your Shorten links.

1) Payment Method: Minimum Payout 5$ by Paypal, Payza or AlertPay.

2) Referral Earnings Rate: 20% Earnings For Lifetime.

3) Alexa Rank (Global): 165.


Ouo.IO is yet another URL shortening tool that helps you make money online. Unlike other major players in the URL shortening industry, Ouo.IO sends payment twice every month. The payments are scheduled on 1st and 15th of every month. However, you must get past the payment threshold of $5 to receive the payments via PayPal or Payeer. Whereas, the payment threshold is set at $50 for Payoneer withdrawals.


Interesting Ouo.IO stats:

  • No. of Registered users: 1,080,000+
  • Total URLs shortened: 275,000,000+
  • Total URLs clicked: 1,200,000+ clicks per day
  • Highest CPM: $5 for AUS traffic
  • Worldwide CPM: $1.5


  • Allows multiple views from the same viewer
  • A clean and easy user interface to monitor stats, earnings, and shortened URLs
  • Simple registration and URL shortening process without any need of technical prowess
  • Advanced tools such as Mass shrinker, Quick link, and Full-page script are very useful
  • Fortnightly payments (Get paid twice every month if you reach the prescribed payment threshold)

4) ShrinkMe.IO

ShrinkMe.IO is undoubtedly the highest paying URL Shortener on this list. With ShrinkMe.IO, you can earn up to $220 per 10,000 views on the shortened URL. Surprisingly, the $22 CPM rate is not for US traffic, but traffic originated from Greenland. The company also offers a CPM rate of $18 for traffic from Ireland. For US-based traffic, ShrinkMe.IO offers a CPM rate of $14, whereas the CPM rate is $12 and $10 for the UK and Australia respectively.

Interesting ShrinkMe.IO stats:

  • No. of Registered users: 9,161
  • Total URLs shortened: 93,110
  • Total URLs clicked: 1,740,721
  • Highest CPM: $22 for Greenland traffic
  • Worldwide CPM: $3.50


  • Clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Daily payments once you reach the minimum payout limit of $5
  • Very user-friendly URL shortening service with no pop-up ads or multiple cluttering ads.
  • Highest CPM of $22
  • Advanced tools such as Mass shrink, Full-page script, and Quick link API to make things faster


  • Captcha can be irritating followed by a delayed timer sometimes

Use Below Link You will get $1 for SignUP

5) Earn Money by Sharing Link is a modern URL shorten website where users can make good money in the easiest way. You can get paid by sharing your links on the internet. Just register for an account, start shrinking URLs and make money. For every person that visits you URLs and you will get paid. With you can earn about 4$ per 1000 views and with their referral program you can also earn extra 10% commission for the lifetime from your referrals.


1) Bc.Vc is very unique and modern URL shorten site.
2) 100% legit site for payment.
3) Better earning from other URL Shorten site.
4)  Very simple user interface.
5) Get your payment in every week.

5) Most Popular URL Shortener

We combine all advertising types best payout rates up to $100 / 10000 visits.

Refer friends and receive 50% of their earnings for life!

Withdrawal MethodMinimum Withdrawal Amount

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