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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Keyboard shortcuts for Google Drive on the web

Keyboard shortcuts for Google Drive on the web

Google Drive on the web has a variety of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to accomplish different types of actions like selecting a document from a list or accessing frequently used features. Here's a current list of keyboard shortcuts that you can apply individually or combine.

Create new Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

Shift + tCreate a new document
Shift + pCreate a new presentation
Shift + sCreate a new spreadsheet
Shift + dCreate a new drawing
Shift + fCreate a new folder
Shift + oCreate a new form

Select items

↓/jNavigate to the next item in the list
↑/kNavigate to the previous item in the list
xSelect/deselect the current item
Shift + ↓/jContinue the selection/deselection to the next item
Shift + ↑/kContinue the selection/deselection to the previous item
Shift + aSelect all visible items
Shift + nClear all selections

Go to different views

g then nFocus the navigation panel
g then fFocus the folders view
g then lFocus the items view
g then dFocus the details pane
g then tFocus the Google bar at the top of the page


?Shift + /, or Ctrl + /Display the keyboard shortcuts pop-up
dShow/hide the details pane
/Focus the search box


cOpen the create menu
uOpen the upload menu
aOpen the more actions menu
rOpen the sort menu
tOpen the settings menu


Enter or oOpen the current item
nRename the current item
.Share the selected items
zMove the selected items
sStar/unstar the current item or the selected items
pShow document preview

Mac users can replace Ctrl with the Command key (⌘ or 'Apple' key) and Alt with the Option key.

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