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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

SMS Assistant Pro v1.2.3 Requirements: Android 2.1-

Feature Details:
- AutoReply
-Automatically reply to text messages
-Great for sending all of those "I'm driving I'll text you back later" messages.

 Scheduled SMS
-Schedule future text messages with custom recurrence

-Automatically Forwards text messages to another phone or your Google Voice account
-Customize rules to only forward important messages

-Transform high priority text messages into an alarm
-Bypasses ringer volume, so you never miss an alert
-Use it as a phone finder
-Use it as an on call pager
-Highly Configurable and Customizable rules

-Block unwanted SMS Messages from your phone.

-Send High Volume SMS Messages like a form letter.
-Text All of your customers at once!
-Works using a CSV Uploaded to your SDCard
-As many custom fields as you need!

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