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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Spy on Chidren’s Computer with Best Keylogger Software -

      Keylogger softwares are the best way to record and store everything that occurs at your back in your computer.They are highly useful for parents who wants to keep check on their children’s online activities and shield them from online hazards like adult content, abuse and other Internet threats.After you come home from your office you will have the screenshots, Log Records of chat activities and record of each keystroke that has been pressed.

Here are Few features that Makes it Stand out from the Lot

1.      Log the exact time and date when everything is typed

2.      Record keystroke from all chats and instant messages (including voice chat)

3.      Track every email sent and received (Web based email included)

4.      Monitor all website visited by external users.

5.      Review all actions on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter (including the profiles they visit)

6.      Review every posted picture by PC user

7.      Review every single file has been downloaded

8.      Easily discover what have been search on Google, Yahoo, AOL....

9.      You would notice whether your teenagers are accessing dating sites or being approached by strangers.

  1. Notified impertinent language used or harmful sites visited

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