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Thursday, 5 April 2012

RoboForm Password Manager Software -

Guys,Roboform is the top-rated Password Manager asecurely stores online and offline passwords , automatically logs you into online accounts and completes online registration and checkout forms with one click . RoboForm is a push-button web form filler with some serious Artificial Intelligence inside . It allows you to define your personal profile or "usual" responses to a web form . This information is then saved , and when you need to fill a form , just click "Fill Forms" button , and form is filled out . Works as an add-on to Internet Explorer , Mozilla , Firefox web browsers .
RoboForm2Go works on USB Flash Drives . Plug your flash drive into any computer and enjoy all the benefits of RoboForm .
Install this version directly on your flash drive . Store and back up your RoboForm files on your Windows Mobile , Palm , or Symbian device . View and search RoboForm files . Includes full featured password generator .
AI RoboForm is fully client-based , so it is very fast , it never disables web site functions , and it works even in pop-up HTML windows . The most important feature of
AI RoboForm is high accuracy - it fills 95% of all fields correctly .
It works with IE 6 , 7 , 8
Firefox 2 , 3 , 3 .5
XP , Server , Vista , Windows 7
USB Devices
iPhone , WinMobile , Palm , BlackBerry , Symbian
Mac , Opera , Linux access through RoboForm Online
You can do with RoboForm-
Manage your passwords and Log In automatically .
Fill long registration and checkout forms with one click .
Encrypt your passwords to achieve complete security .
Generate random passwords to maximize password strength .
Back up and Synchronize Passwords between computers .
Fight Phishing and Defeat Keyloggers .
AutoSave passwords in browser .
AutoFill passwords to login form .
Click Login button for you .
Fill personal info into online forms .
Save offline passwords & notes .
Generate Secure Random Passwords .
Encrypt passwords and personal data using AES , Blowfish , RC6 , 3-DES or 1-DES algorithms .
All personal info is stored on your computer only .
Take RoboForm with you on USB disk for ultimate portability .
Sync your passwords and notes to Palm or Pocket PC .
Backup & Restore , Print your passwords .
More features : drill down for more .
It is well-behaved : NO ADWARE , NO SPYWARE . 

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