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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Gmail Undo Send EMail

Gmail can hold back delivering emails for some seconds after you have clicked Send. You can "unsend" an email and recover from false recipients, spelling mistakes and maybe forgotten attachments.

Undo send an Email with Gmail

To take back an email shortly after you have sent it in Gmail:
  • Make sure Undo Send is enabled (see below).
  • After having sent an email in Gmail:
    • Click Cancel immediately,
    • click Undo when it appears or
    • press z.
  • Make any desired changes to the message, then send it again.
You have at least 5 seconds to unsend the email. To increase the time before the email gets delivered:
  • Go to Lab Setting in Gmail.
  • Pick the desired time to undo message delivery under Undo Send: Send cancellation period: __ seconds.
  • Click Save Changes.

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