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Monday, 30 January 2012

Get Email alerts when your computer starts

Process Notifier is a free program which send a email notification when a particular task or process gets started, closes, found or not found in Windows.
But in this post iam describe how to use that simple software for Get sms alerts when your computer starts
Step 1 ), Download and install the tiny software, (for installing use only double click on the file, no more steps),Double click ProcessNotifier.exe and run the program. Right click the task tray icon and select “E-mail Settings.”

Step 2 ) Go to the Message tag  and enter an Email address for receiving notifications in the “Send To (Email Address)” field.

Gmail   : (use authentication)SSL: Yes,Port: 465
HotMailHotmail Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) – (TLS enabled, port 587)

Next, click “Processes to Monitor” from the tray menu

In the first field, “Process name to check,” enter the process name to monitor such as ratheesh.exe.In the next drop down list, “Notify when the process is”  choose the timing when you want to be notified. If “Not Found” is selected,  when the program scans running processes and cannot find the specified process name, it will send you an E-mail message.  Press “Add” and then “Save”.

That’s all. However, if you like to test that a process scan works and sends E-mail, go to “Scan Processes Now” from the tray menu and click “OK.”

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