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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Water resources should be nationalised

Discussion 1 :

There is no point in nationalising water resources. The reason is in advanced cities and metros the presences of water mafias are growing with the help of politians and no one can deny it. And now that every week some or the other scams are being unearthed, it clealry shows the mis-management of politicians in the cabinet. So how can they manage after nationalising it? What is the proof that they don't misuse?

Building dams are also not the option as it will disturb the ecological imbalance. Rather if every state take up responisbilities to take care of their water resources by checking leaking pipes, pilferage and acting upon water mafias, we can definitely save water!

Discussion 2:
There can be problem among states over water resources and this can lead to legal fight between them which might not find any solution. Hence harming the states involved in the matter. Best solution would be to nationalized water resources.

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