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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Is the Consumer really the King in India?

Discussion 1 :

Hi friends, I have read a lot of opinion on this topic.

Actually it depends on the condition that which type of product the company want to sell. If we observe, a car company always think about the quality of the product. Its a luxuries product so if the customer is not satisfied then he will not buy the product. Hence at that point of time the customer is the king.

But if the customer is in need of buying that product like he is in need of buy a soap, according to situation it is his need, hence the company can sell his product with some sort of less quality, either by just cheating the customer by advertisement or by anyhow. So it depend on the situation and the type of customer.

Hence situation and type decides whether the consumer is king or not
Discussion 2 :

Consumers ! They play a significant role in the economic system of our nation . If their is no effective demand that emanates from them , the economy would collapse .

However , let's get real !

Consumers are the " KING " on paper ! Various laws have been made giving consumers numerous rights but the laws merely stay on paper. They aren't effective in practical life .

Any entrepreneur is not carrying out business to fulfill the needs of the society rather society is only a medium in the name of which he can mint profits and earn himself a luxurious living .

Think for yourself, how many business man really think of developing consumer friendly products ! At the end of the day, they will compromise with the quality to bring down the per unit cost and increase the profits !

However, exceptions are always there ! No doubt .

I would strongly say, Consumers bear an INVISIBLE tag of being "KINGS" ! They actually are not .

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