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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Is the Business of Business only Business?

Discussion : 1

Hello friend i am not agree with this phrase that "Business is business of business" why because ..our so many friend have all ready keep their point in front of us. but i don't think so ...if it's true than why organisations come up with the corporate social responsibility.take the example of Indian Tobacco company which is the worlds no. one company in the job satisfaction .. they also taking care of society. Take the example of wipro, infosys ,Tata, they all expend there money for the society in different way like school, hospital, library, etc. so we can't say that Business is business of business..thank you.

Discussion 2 :

When you go about starting a new business, you do a huge amount of capital investment along with investing your time and energy hence in this scenario it is very logical to think about the return on those investment. A business for business is to do business or profit and it is well accepted unless you don't compromise on your ethics, provide quality product, price them accordingly etc.

Many firms are into CSRs but that has also become a brand building strategy. Nd I don't c ne harm in that unless a business is done at a social cost.

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