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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Ethics in Business are just a Passing Fad

Discuss 1 :

As per my point of view ethics is the key for success in business and to win the believe and faith of customer.Ethics is the primary consensus towards our responsibility and role for business or organization. Without ethics only we can create a lethal condition for us and our organization as well (satyam case,2g scam).ethics help us to reach at our mission.can any organization can stay in the market without ethics? Really it is a very big question and answer of that is "no". If not like that than i am damn sure that Wipro, Accenture,TCS,ITC,and other reputed organization were closed at their starting time ...thanks

Discuss 2 :
Ethics of business includes both profit as well as moral values. One should not go for a loss in business seeing only the moral ethics, also one should not give up his values and look only for profit. There are variety of business activities which are strictly based on profit like real estate constructions where selling is done seeing the standard of the consumer. But others like commecialised hospitals should be based on moral values at first then profit. What is really important to know is that making profit is not losing moral values, rather if you make profit in your business you can do several works which will enhance you as a person as well as social being. There are many business which degrade one's moral ethics like black marketing, smuggling etc but otherwise business is so run by certain sense of ethics.

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