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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cell phone settings to save battery life

Here are a few tricks to maximize your cell phone battery life.

1. Turn off your cell phone during the night while you sleep.
 It will reserve some battery power for you, but if you have emergency calls at night, this might not be applicable.

2. Set your network mode correctly. If you have a 3G cell phone, you have three options: Dual mode, UMTS and GSM (depending on the cell phone you have), if you are using 3G or 2G, select the mode accordingly, never select dual mode. Because every time you turn of your cell phone or lost signal, it has to search for the network and this process consumes battery power a lot.

 3. Disable vibration, keypad sound and backlight. While some prefer vibration and need backlight to read, but these features requires much battery power to work, if your disable them, your battery will surely last longer.

 4. Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS until you need to use them. They will drain your battery quickly.

5. Reduce the apps running in the background. Unnecessary features like camera and mobile internet are those features will tremendously consume your battery power.

 6. Decrease the brightness of your cell phone screen. Turn down the brightness is up till now the most effective way to save your battery life, and you will surely see a huge increase in the time of use

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