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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Are Indians Less Quality Conscious?

Discuss 1:

     Hi friend As per my point of view really we Indian are quality conscious. Why because As per the the top most multination company want to do their business in India. Like now days take a example of Walmart they want to enter in our Indian Market. Really Customer is king Not only in India but all over the world. Because each and every company want to give better quality and service also for getting back customer satisfaction. And if we talk about rural sector in India than also again story is same. Many company tergting and positioning their product in rural sector not only expend their business only but also make a good relation with the customer of rural area. Rural people are also Quality conscious. For example have you seen any rural people to use local brand of the product which is available in the their nearest market. ?

Absolutely not. So they are also quality conscious. But lac of product availability they are not able to purchase the quality of product. Thanks.

Discuss 2:

 1)Indians are not less quality conscious, they just want to make most of what ever they have. That is why they bargain at shops,cause for the amount of money they have they want to make the fullest.

2)Also quality differs in the different levels of society, but we cannot say that the lower strata in society is not quality conscious.Buying a good brand item is not the only way to ensure quality.Even when women from lower strata, when they they go to buy cloth they do check the quality of the cloth, but just cause they cant afford to buy the most expensive showroom material stuff, we cannot say they are not quality conscious

3)Even if India does lack somewhere it is trying to improve and educate people about quality.There are a lot of awareness programs, advertisements on TV and news papers, which make people aware and conscious of quality. Like recently there have many television advertisements about how to ensure you are buy good quality gold, diamonds etc.

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