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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Charge your battery the smart way

Did you even notice how many mobile devices do you have? MP3, mobile phonetablet PC, laptop,digital camera, GPS, and handheld console and more. All these mobile devices are powered by batteries, which cause the most concerns about battery life.

Generally, battery life depends on your settings and apps you run. Meanwhile, knowledge about battery maintenance is also important. You may have backups, but if you own an iPhone, unfortunately you are not able to change the battery.

Take Li-on battery as example. When you buy a new battery, it does not matter how many times you charge and discharge it. But after a long time of usage, usually more than one year, you will notice the difference. The battery lasts shorter as there is a loss of battery capacity.

There are rumors on the internet that new battery should be charged for more than 12 hours for three times, then totally discharge it in order to activate the most battery capacity.

Well according to experiments, the best way to maintain a Li-on battery is light usage and quick charge and discharge. The battery life depends on how many times you fully charge and discharge it, the more times, the shorter battery life.

For normal users, the right time for charging your battery comes when 10% or 20% of your battery capacity is used, and 50% is acceptable too. The situation you should avoid is a full discharge, do not wait until your battery is used up.

Other factors worth noting is that temperature also has an impact on the battery lifespan. When the temperature is too high (over 30) or too low, the battery life could suffer a loss. For instance, when plug in your power supply, you should take the battery out from your laptop. It’s not because it may over charge your battery, but laptop overheating could cause damage to the battery. Of course if you suffer from a power shortage, it’s wise to keep your laptop battery where it is to avoid loss of private data. 

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