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Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Download Everything from Google

🔰Download Everything Google Knows About You 🔰

Using Google Takeout, you can get to know your data stored with Google Apps. Although it shows all services regardless of you using or not using a service, you can get hints about your data for some services.

What’s the trick? Some services show optional buttons for choosing the data to include in the data archive.

For instance:

Calendar shows All calendars included
Chrome shows All Chrome data included
Drive shows All Drive data included
Fit shows All Fit data included
Google Photos shows All photo albums included, and so on.

How to Download your Google Data?

Google Takeout lets you download an archive of all your data Google knows about you. You may get surprised by the amount and intensity of information the search giant may know about you. The reason being we readily use its apps and services all day.

That said, let’s check how to download data from Google:

1. Open in a web browser > log in if required. 
2. Under Select data to include, choose the services of whose data you want to download and click Next step. You can also click optional detail buttons to choose specific items for each service as it’s explained above.
3. Under Choose file type, frequency & destination, you need to choose a delivery method, frequency of delivery, and the file type and size.
4. Under Delivery method, you can opt to get a download link via email or store the data archive to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.
5. Under Frequency, you can opt to export the data once or schedule a regular export every two months for one year to the select destination.
6. Under File type & size, pick a file type for your exports from tgz and zip archive formats and the maximum size of a single archive file. That is, if you select 2 GB, exports larger than 2 GB will be split into multiple files.
7. Finally, click on Create export. The export process may take anywhere from a couple of hours to days; you’ll get an email once it gets completed.

That is all about checking and downloading your data stored with Google Apps. You must try it once to understand the breadth and depth of your data known and stored by the search giant. I was also amazed to see my own data.

PS: Check your location history as well, it will show you the route map of your journeys as well. 

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Enjoy and Thank me later. ❤️

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