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Thursday, 1 November 2012

USB Write Protect - Computer Tricks and Tips

USB Write Protect is a tiny but very handy tool that can enable write protection on all USB flash pens and thus prevent your data from being modified or deleted.


USB Write Protection:
· Protects valuable file(s) containing in your USB storage devices from accidentally modified or deleted.

USB Device Lock:
· It maintains the privacy by preventing unathorized user from connecting USB storage devices to your computer and copying your valuable files

USB Device Autorun Control:
· USB storage devices are the one of the major sources of virus and other malicious programs. It protects your computer from viruses and other malicious programs by disabling USB Device's autorun function and preventing them from automatically running and transferring to your computer.

Password Protected Settings:
· You can protect your protection settings by password and prevent unauthorized users from changind your protection settings.
The following Features are added in this version:
· USB Device Lock
· USB Device Autorun Control
· Password Protected Settings

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