Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Gum Notes Free download

The best combination to stick your notes easily to your document. Use the Gum-Effect!
  • Annotate Websites: Add notes to websites in Firefox, Internet-Explorer and all other website-browsers.
  • Annotate your Documents: Word, Excel, Images and all other documents
  • Annotate your Outlook: Emails, Followup-Emails, Contacts, Meetings, Appointments. Make an Outlook backup to save your Emails and settings from Outlook.
  • Gmail: GumNotes works with Googlemail, too! Annotate every separate Gmail with your notes!
  • Reminders: Never forget an important meeting: With GumNotes – Timers!
  • Shared Notes: Share notes with colleagues and friends
  • Synchronized: View and edit your notes on your IPhone, MAC, Android, Internet – thanks to Simplenote-Server support!

How it works

1. Open a document
This can be a website, an office document or a email
2. Attach a note!
Open the GumNotes window in the sys tray bar and write a note.

3. Next time you open the document GumNotes shows your note.
Even for related documents GumNotes can show your note e.g. for follow up emails.

Why you should use GumNotes?

  • Save time to get information
  • Easy to use: Effortlessly capture any information inside desktop sticky notes. It may be to-dos, reminders, appointments or notes.
  • It’s Simple to understand GumNotes – GumNotes is so intuitive that there is nothing to learn.Just install the program & start getting benefitted right away.
  • Attach GumNotes to websites – Extra convenient: GumNotes lets you stick notes to web pages & documents. They show-up automatically when ever you go back to that web page.
  • Enjoy creating sticky notes – Enjoyable experience: Using GumNotes like virtual sticky notes on your desktop is fun. Since creating a sticky note on desktop is just a click away, you would not procrastinate taking notes.
  • Keeps desktop neat:  Organize sticky notes – GumNotes are not shown on your desktop, you see them when you need them
  • Send, share, synchronize sticky notes – Send stickies to your coworkers, friends and colleagues. Share in your network or via internet

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