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Monday, 12 March 2012

How to create a long profile image for Facebook pages

hat is the optimal size for profile pictures on Facebook? If the loaded image is too large the system will automatically shrink the image to maintain the standard proportions and in most cases the image is small and blurry, if the image loaded is too small it becomes scarcely visible.
Facebook does not indicate which both the right size for the images in profile, requires only that these do not exceed the 4MB of weight, so that they can be thumbnails. But they do not tell us anything further about the best format to use to make it clear that they are.
The site that we announce today allows you to create your profile picture long, with the maximum possible size of Facebook that is 180×450 pixels. This image is useful for pages ( in our example ) because it lets you enter text, logos or other items you want to share. It’s also useful for those who have not yet updated the profile to the timeline.

  1. Coupled with this site:
  2. Click on “Load Photo” to select the image to be uploaded from your disk or click on “use webcam” to take a picture with your webcam.
  3. Use the bar left and right to zoom and adjust the alignment.
  4. From the controls at the bottom you can also add effects and adjust color, saturation, brightness, contrast and hue.
  5. When finished you can download the photos by clicking on “Download pic” (do not rename the image is saved as “xxDont-rename-this.png”) or by logging in to Facebook, you can send it directly to your page by clicking on “Login to FB “and” send to FB.”

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