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Sunday, 20 November 2011

What is Store Procedure

 Stored procedures are special objects available in sql server. Its a precompiled statements where all the preliminary parsing operations are performed and the statements are ready for execution. Its very fast when compared to ordinary sql statements where the sql statements will undergone a sequence of steps to fetch the data Stored procedure involves various syntax based on the parameters passed. Let me show you a generic syntax for a stored procedure.

Benefits of Stored Procedures

Precompiled execution. SQL Server compiles each stored procedure once and then reutilizes the execution plan. This results in tremendous performance boosts when stored procedures are called repeatedly.
Reduced client/server traffic. If network bandwidth is a concern in your environment, you'll be happy to learn that stored procedures can reduce long SQL queries to a single line that is transmitted over the wire.

Efficient reuse of code and programming abstraction. Stored procedures can be used by multiple users and client programs. If you utilize them in a planned manner, you'll find the development cycle takes less time.

Enhanced security controls. You can grant users permission to execute a stored procedure independently of underlying table permissions. Stored procedures are very similar to user-defined functions, but there are subtle differences

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