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Monday, 30 January 2012

How to use Twitter within Gmail?

Twitter is one of the popular social bookmarking site. All are like to share something on web. Generally there are so many sites in social networking category, the annoying thing is login with each sites. But many of the peoples usually using anyone of mail services like gmail,yahoo and etc. 

If you are using gmail service, you can use twitter within gmail. This will be saving great time for you. You can share the tweets, receive latest tweets, retweet and use many of the functions of twitter. Chitterim is an app, that help to use twitter in gtalk.

1.Go to this website Give your gmail username and password to allow gmail to use twitter service

2. Give your Twitter login details and click allow button.

3. Open your gmail account, you will see the new chat request of Click the yes button to finish the request.

4. After that you can see the latest shares of your friends in gmail chat window.

This is a time saving method to use twitter, but you can stop that service anytime by removing the chitterim contact. So you need not to login in your twitter account every time. Some of the special commands to use twitter effectively in gmail are listed below.

/h – to show the help
/on – to receive timeline updates
/off – to not receive timeline updates
/t – to send tweets
/q - category to send quotes
/rt user – to retweet a user’s last message
/d user – to send direct message
/f user – to follow someone
/u user – to unfollow someone
/i – to show incoming friendships

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