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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

What are your strengths and weaknesses?


My strengths are:

-> I can easily adaptable to work under any situation.
-> eager to learn new things.
-> i always try to learn from my mistakes.
-> sincerity,hardworking & dedication.
-> i am very punctual of time.

My weakness is:

-> I'm a little bit perfectionist.

1. My strengths are that I always try to learn from my mistakes.
2. I am hardworking, sincere and dedicated to my work.
3. I work patiently to get a good result.
4. I am a good decision maker as well as flexible person.
5. Ability to learn new technologies.
6. I want to acquire knowledge of that thing that is not in my syllabus.
7. I am friendly with everyone.
8. Easily adapt any critical situation
9. I am very punctual of time.


1. My weakness is I expect perfection in everything.
2. Not fluent in English at my confidence level
  My strength is hard work and positive thinking. I take both success and failure in same ways. Success encourages me to to achieve more and failure inspire me to work hard. When I was in 7th standard, in half yearly exam I got very less marks in science, I was an average student. I was so hurt by seeing that marks I wept whole day. My parents convince me and inspired me. Then I realized the importance of study. I worked really hard for nect exam and In next exam I got highest marks in science in my class.

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