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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Technology Creates Income Disparities

Discussion 1:
Yes I do agree that technology create income disparities. We can see these days all the companies are using technology oriented techniques in running their business. And the one who don't use technology remain behind. A simple example is our farmers who don't know about latest tools and techniques and still use conservative methods of irrigation and they always paid less and work almost double than those countries who use technology oriented techniques.

Discussion 2:
Many of us are loosing the track and drifting from the topic. We are not talking about the pros and cons of technology.
According to me, technology does create disparities in income. Simple explanation to it. A person who knows how to handle and benefit from the developed equipments, machines, etc is considered as a skilled resource. he also gets paid more as compared to a person who doesnt know what technology means and doesnt know his way about it.
Maybe the theoretical knowledge both of them have is almost the same..but technology is the deciding factor when it comes to fixing their incomes.

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