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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Should the public sector be privatized?

Discussion 1:
Public sector should noe be fully privatized, as major departments like defense systems, Indian railways, and in fields where major chunk of people are simultaneously affected must not be privatized. Instead we should implement certain policies in Public sector also so that there work efficiency can be increase like pvt.

Discussion 2:
Hi friends as the topic is that should public sector be privatized. In my opinion it should not be privatized. As we all know that there are already so many private companies who are doing well and contributing to our economy. The only thing is that we should change the process and working culture of the sectors. Whether it is private or public.
The other issue is corruption. According to me there is not only one player involved in it. If one will stop to give other will automatically not able to receive. Its not time to change the system, its time to change yourself.

Discussion 3:
  In my perspective not all the public sectors should be privatized the sectors which directly deals with the people should be privatized. There are two major advantages in privatizing the public sectors, first the work process can be made faster than in public sectors because the people work in private sectors have to do their jobs well because the wages in private companies depend on the performance which is totally contradict to the public sectors. In private sectors the employees are strictly prohibited to get bribes for people and if they do so we can immediately approach their higher officials without any hurdles or long procedure unlike in public sectors. Thanks.

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