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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Rise of Regional Blocs Threatens Independent Nations like India

Discussion 1:

Yes I agree that it is a threat and that also very much specific to India. To begin with we need to keep it in mind that being a multi-regional country somewhere or the other it was on the card. Coming to the question of threat, it will make the country weaker than ever. If we consider the time of our independence there also we got divided in two regions hence two independent nations were born- India Pakistan. And now we can see all these troubles is being caused because of that.

The more regional division means more groups to fight among themselves which ultimately deprive the country from peace and progress, as the saying goes "United we stand divided we fall".

To wrap up I would say that this is not IPL that we can enjoy the healthy competition, this is something involves our very own nation and its future. Regional blocks can create new problems only and to make out solution we have to work as a nation.

Discussion 2:

Rise of regional blocks should not be encouraged at all. Ours only identity that we are Indian. India is a secular country where people belongs to different religion, cast, society live together. We are already divided our country on the basis of religion. Just we are repeating the history again. Politicians from different region are encouraging to create regional blocks in order to fulfill their own interest. Creation of regional blocks means hampering national integrity. Dividing the country into regional blocks isn't a solution to regional disparity. Every issues can be solved by discussing the same at national or at state level but not at the cost of unity.

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