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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Public Sector being a Guarantor of Job Security is a Myth

Discussion: 1

Yes I feel the myth has been broken thanks to the mnc and other private organizations where there are no reservation the person is choosen on his ability rather than bribing the uncapable corrupt pulblic officer. Most important reson of getting a job in public sector was pension that governament use to offer now a days no longer there. Thanks to the banks which is offering pension plans for private sector to save for the rainy day and the exposure you get and the knowledge you can acquire in private sector can never be achived in public sector more over one become corrupt and lazy.

Discussion 2: 

I agreed that public sector job is good in various concerns such. Suppose some one is getting ill and he is not in condition to work for a long period of time than these private companies fired that person and think that the person is not more useful, then what can a person do? how his family will survive? this is the major disadvantage of private sector.

But if we talk about the public sector then the person has the job surety and can paid full salary by the government during his illness, now tell which sector is better?

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