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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Multinational Corporations: Are they Devils in Disguise?

Discuss 1: 

Hello friends, we all know India is now big market for the multinational companies. These companies are investing more money which is really helping us for making our economy strong and also creating job opportunities for us. Because we are having more population and in compare to that the opportunities are less which results into unemployment and poverty. I think MNC's are really helping to minimse unemployment.

Discuss 2: 

According to my point of view the topic which is given on the top is wrong because no MNCs can be a devil in disguise. MNCs brought India at a new level. Yes definitely these have some adavantages and disadavantages.But if the government agree to take part in the changing of dadavantage then surely MNCs will be more beneficial for our country. 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of MNCs:


1)Helping in the improvement of standard of living
2)Helping in the increasing rate of employment
3)Helping to remove the poverty from our country
4)MNCs help in the improvement of economical condition of our country
5)Help in the education system also 
6)Attract more consumers towards the products
7)Improving the better qulity of products,goods n services

1)Increasing the competition between government companies and private companies
2)There is no job security
3)Not increasing the standard of living of every class
4)Youngesters only are getting jobs,not the adults
5)There is a age limit in MNCs , somehow arround 40s or 45s

So here there are benefits as well as losses.But the main thing is that by the coming MNCs in our country are creating opportunities for the new generation.The foreign currency is in now in are country also so that we can import and export more thing.And yes by these MNCs the new technologies and inovations are taking place.

Thats why our country's economic condition is improving. So the MNCs cannot be devils in disguise.

Thats all what i wanted to say.

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