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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Is MNCs Superior to Indian Companies?

Discussion 1 :

MNC s are the comapnies having operations in two or more countries.

So Indian companies can be MNCs like reliance, TCS, TATA, Birla companies serving in other nations.
I don't agree with the most of the said comments on Indian companies are not doing well. They are for sure, but they are limited by the policies framed by the corrupt government companies whether Indian or foreign they all bribe the policy makers for their benefits which at large are dangerous for the human cause. Definitely MNC offer better salaries, facilities, chances of visiting and settle abroad, etc. But I think they offer so much only because one is ready to 24*7 servant n is willing to sacrifice all other things over work n profit of company.

I have many examples where people get salaries lacs a month but do not have time to spend, so whats the fun in earning big.

Discussion 2 :

The topic is very much informative. Yes MNCs are growing in our country more and at very high speed, but this doesn't mean that the Indian companies are lagging behind than the MNCs. The plus point in the MNCs is that they are corruption free. That's why their way of managing, controlling, directing is different n best result giving.

And the main reason in the public sector is that the workers or employees don't follow the rules n regulation because of that they are not superior. But the fact of the MNCs success is the Indian brain. Indian brains are helping the MNCs to promote their business. By this the Indian people get attracted because the MNCs provides the high amount of salary, better standard of living, discipline n world wide job opportunities.

That's why the MNCs are bringing their business to all over the world. Mainly the thing is that in the public sector the percentage of corruption is high. Every step takes place by the leading of corruption. Indian companies are also approaching to the hight of success. They are trying to do well in their particular field. Most of the Indian companies are deciding about their companies to turn them into MNCs so that they can achieve more profit. And yes of-course it will be beneficial for our countries development.

In my point of view both the companies are are superior and also hoping that the Indian companies will surely raise the name of our country. We are supporting our Indian companies

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