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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

How to Deal with High Oil Prices?

Discuss 1 :
     Dealing with high oil prices means dealing with luxuary because most of us is using our own vechicles due to poor facilities and less frquencies of public transports. if our country have good transports with cheap rates, fastest travel like other developed countries like USA,Uk, CHINA etc. then most of the people use the public transports and using hybrid buses like other countries that can give good fuel efficency and lowest air polluting. The biggest problem in india is bad condition of road, traffic due to excavation works of other projects and congested roads these makes fuel losses. Making cycle lane makes other way of smartest dealing with high oil prices and Health. Metro rail, double decker buses, hybrid buses for cities is good option for fuel saving.

 Discuss 2 : 
   First of all it is very necessary for us to know that India is one of the largest consumers of petroleum and its products. In a growing economy like ours oil price hiking is an uncontrollable factor because the more the number of developing industries more oil is used more oil is imported. If the imports exceed the limit then certainly there will be price rise. Still then govt is giving subsidies in LPG and other products but we also need to look into our demands. There is price rise when demand exceeds supply and this is happening. Comparing 10 years back the number of vehicles on our roads have drastically increased basically because of better purchasing power of our people. Government many a times has issued public bonds through various oil companies in order to check inflation. There are many factors which indirectly responsible for oil price hiking like the oil mafia which leads to bad quality petrol in many oil stations. So it is difficult to control oil price hiking until

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