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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Commercialization of Health Care: Good or Bad?

Discussion 1: 

As India is a develpoing country, where 40-45% 0f total population is below poverty line, and rest are middle class and rich people. For people those are above BPL generally likely to move to private hospitals because of the novel tecnic and latest facility provided by them. But at the same time for the poor and middle class people govt hospital acts as blessing and a place where they can afford for their treatment.

But because of unhygenic condition and pathetic condition of govt hospital, private hospitals are rising day by day. So, goverment should take action regarding all the drawbacks of govt hospitals and put forward to overcome the drawbacks. So, India is a country of rich and poor hence, commercialization of health care is good but govt hospitals should always taken under consideration, because it is only the place for poor patients.

Discussion 2 : 

Running away from a problem is not the solution of that problem. We know that there are some defects in medical facilities provided by the government, but making it privatization will not help. We have to point out out that defects and with the help of government and social organization tackle that problem and solve it. In India 42% of people lies below poverty lines, they don't have sufficient food to eat how they afford the bill of private hospital. The main objective of private hospitals is to make profit by extracting as much amount of money from the patient as possible. So commercialization of health is not good.

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