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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Capitalism is a very Flawed System but the others are so much worse

Discussion 1: 
There always are certain merits and demerits in any form of government. Capitalistic government implies power being in the hands of every individual (not in the true sense as there are players who try to maximise their profits, but there atleast is more transparency).
And in case of a democratic government there is no transparency, even though it is said that we choose our own leaders but we know in our country, India, the scenario is different.
Comparing China with India, China's population is way ahead of India in figures in population, but the development they r having is pretty ahead of India.
So u don't have to wait for all the procedures in a capitalistic government, like we have to.
So m not saying that capitalism is free from flaws, but its the best compared to the rest.
Discussion 2 :

Capitalism is a flawed system but every system has its flaws. Example-in communism everything is controlled by government so sometimes people are forced to things which they are against of. Example in china nowadays there are revolts taking place were people are revolting against the government as they are not satisfied with it. There is no transparency in media so world dosen't know about the happenings in the country

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