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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

More iPhone tricks and tips

To add a website to your Home screen, visit the page in Safari and tap the plus sign at the  bottom of the screen. Now tap “Add to Home screen.”

Use the compass with maps

Press the location button in maps twice to use the built-in compass to orient the map based on the direction you are facing.

Locate your lost iPhone

If your iPhone goes missing, Find My iPhone can help you locate it and show its current location on a map. Display a message on its screen, remotely set a passcode lock, or initiate a remote wipe to delete your private data.

Save image from web pages

To save any image from the web to your camera roll, simply press and hold the image. A menu will appear asking “Save image” or “Cancel”. Once the image is saved in your camera roll, you can set it as wallpaper

Zoom the camera

Press the screen to bring up the zoom control, then use the slider to zoom in and out up to 5MP.

Focus the camera

While shooting videos or photos, press the screen where you want to focus. iPhone will also adjust the exposure and white balance automatically.

Scrub through audio and video
When you’re watching a video or listening to music or a podcast, the scrubber bar lets you skip to any point along the timeline. You can adjust the scrub rate from high-speed to fine scrubbing by sliding your finger down as you drag the playhead along the scrubber bar.

Create an iPod playlist

In the iPod app, tap Playlists, then tap Add Playlist and give it a name. Now tap any song or video to add it to the playlist. You can add  individual songs,  entire albums or all songs by an artist.

More keyboard and input tricks

Tap the space bar twice, and iPhone adds a period and capitalizes the next word.
To enter a number  or symbol quickly, touch and hold 123, the select the key you want. Lifting your finger returns you to the alphabet keyboard.
Hold a letter to reveal a list of special characters.
Hold down the”.com” key for”.net, .edu, .org” keys. Note: Slide your finger from .com to .net/.edu/.org, rather than lifting and pressing.
Find the text you want to edit in a note, email, web page, or other app. You can select a word by double-tapping it, and select more or less text by dragging the grad points. Then press to cut, copy, or paste. To undo an edit, shake iPhone, the press the Undo button.

Email and Text management

In Email, you can delete or move messages in batches. From your inbox, press Edit, check off the desired emails and then choose Delete or Move.
Delete email messages and text conversations without opening them, simply” cross it out” by swiping your finger across the email or the text conversations, then press Delete.

Print wirelessly from your iPhone

Airprint makes it easy to print email and web pages right from your iPhone to your air-print-enabled printer. To print an email, just press the Reply icon and select Print. To print a web page, press the Action icon and select Print. You can also print photosdocuments, and more.
For more iPhone tricks, tips and instructions press the Bookmarks icon in Safari, then selectiPhone User Guide. 

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