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Sunday, 4 December 2022


Hey, We are loving Kuku FM app 😍


1. Episode schedule
2. 28 million-plus users
3. A platform for vernacular languages
4. In-app recording and editing feature
5. Performance-based rewards
6. Easy analytics
7. Easy episode builder
8. Free hosting
9. India’s largest vernacular community
10. Sleep Timer

You should definitely try it. Use this code VKCFH8968 and get 60% off on premium membership! Listen to 10,000+ unlimited audiobooks and stories.


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Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Download Everything from Google

🔰Download Everything Google Knows About You 🔰

Using Google Takeout, you can get to know your data stored with Google Apps. Although it shows all services regardless of you using or not using a service, you can get hints about your data for some services.

What’s the trick? Some services show optional buttons for choosing the data to include in the data archive.

For instance:

Calendar shows All calendars included
Chrome shows All Chrome data included
Drive shows All Drive data included
Fit shows All Fit data included
Google Photos shows All photo albums included, and so on.

How to Download your Google Data?

Google Takeout lets you download an archive of all your data Google knows about you. You may get surprised by the amount and intensity of information the search giant may know about you. The reason being we readily use its apps and services all day.

That said, let’s check how to download data from Google:

1. Open in a web browser > log in if required. 
2. Under Select data to include, choose the services of whose data you want to download and click Next step. You can also click optional detail buttons to choose specific items for each service as it’s explained above.
3. Under Choose file type, frequency & destination, you need to choose a delivery method, frequency of delivery, and the file type and size.
4. Under Delivery method, you can opt to get a download link via email or store the data archive to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.
5. Under Frequency, you can opt to export the data once or schedule a regular export every two months for one year to the select destination.
6. Under File type & size, pick a file type for your exports from tgz and zip archive formats and the maximum size of a single archive file. That is, if you select 2 GB, exports larger than 2 GB will be split into multiple files.
7. Finally, click on Create export. The export process may take anywhere from a couple of hours to days; you’ll get an email once it gets completed.

That is all about checking and downloading your data stored with Google Apps. You must try it once to understand the breadth and depth of your data known and stored by the search giant. I was also amazed to see my own data.

PS: Check your location history as well, it will show you the route map of your journeys as well. 

✨Thank me if you did not know about this until now and share our channel with your friends 🙃😌✨

Enjoy and Thank me later. ❤️

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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Amazon Web Services in Action, 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Book Description:

Amazon Web Services in Action, Second Edition is a comprehensive introduction to computing, storing, and networking in the AWS cloud. You’ll find clear, relevant coverage of all the essential AWS services you to know, emphasizing best practices for security, high availability, and scalability.

Download Link : Link1 or Link2 or Link3
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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Beginning iPhone Development with Swift 4th Edition PDF Free Download

Book Description:

Learn how to integrate all the interface elements iOS users have come to know and love, such as buttons, switches, pickers, toolbars, and sliders. In this edition of the best selling book, you’ll master a variety of design patterns, from the simplest single view to complex hierarchical drill-downs.

Assuming little or no working knowledge of the Swift programming language, and written in a friendly, easy-to-follow style, this book offers a comprehensive course in iPhone and iPad programming. The book starts with the basics, walking through the process of downloading and installing Xcode and the iOS 11 SDK, and then guides you though the creation of your first simple application.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover what data persistence is, and why it’s important
  • Build cool, crisp user interfaces
  • Display data in Table Views
  • Work with all the most commonly used iOS Frameworks

Download Link :  Link1 or Link2 or Link3
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Saturday, 2 January 2021

What is SQL Server and SQL Server Agent

What is SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a database server, it is a software product with the primary function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software applications—which may run either on the same computer or on another computer across a network.

What is SQL server agent?

The SQL Server agent plays a vital role in day to day tasks of SQL server administrator(DBA). Server agent's purpose is to implement the tasks easily with the scheduler engine which allows our jobs to run at scheduled date and time

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Saturday, 21 November 2020

Difference Between DELETE and TRUNCATE in SQL Server

Delete Truncate
The DELETE command is used to delete specified rows(one or more While this command is used to delete all the rows from a table.
We can use with where clause It can’t be used with where clause
It locks the table row before deleting the row It locks the entire table
We can rollback the changes. We can’t rollback the changes
It is slower than truncate It is faster than delete
It is a DML(Data Manipulation Language) command. While it is a DDL(Data Definition Language) command.
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Saturday, 14 November 2020

Artificial Intelligence for .NET PDF Free Download -

Book Description:

Get introduced to the world of artificial intelligence with this accessible and practical guide. Build applications that make intelligent use of language and user interaction to better compete in today’s marketplace. Discover how your application can deeply understand and interpret content on the web or a user’s machine, intelligently react to direct user interaction through speech or text, or make smart recommendations on products or services that are tailored to each individual user.

With Microsoft Cognitive Services, you can do all this and more utilizing a set of easy-to-use APIs that can be consumed on the desktop, web, or mobile devices. Developers normally think of AI implementation as a tough task involving writing complex algorithms. This book aims to remove the anxiety by creating a cognitive application with a few lines of code. There is a wide range of Cognitive Services APIs available. This book focuses on some of the most useful and powerful ways that your application can make intelligent use of language.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the underpinnings of artificial intelligence through practical examples and scenarios
  • Get started building an AI-based application in Visual Studio
  • Build a text-based conversational interface for direct user interaction
  • Use the Cognitive Services Speech API to recognize and interpret speech
  • Look at different models of language, including natural language processing, and how to apply them in your Visual Studio application
  • Reuse Bing search capabilities to better understand a user’s intention
  • Work with recommendation engines and integrate them into your apps

Download Link1 or Link2 or Link3

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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Difference between Primary key and Unique key

What is Primary Key? 

A primary key is used to ensure data in the specific column is unique. It is a column cannot have NULL values

What is Unique Key?

A column with a unique key constraint can only contain unique values – this is the result of the unique key prohibiting duplicate values to be stored inside a column.

Please keep in mind that it’s not mandatory to have a Unique key in a table

Both primary key and unique columns do not accept duplicate values, they can be used for uniquely identifying a record in the table. This means that, for each value in the primary or unique key column, only one record will be returned.

Difference Between Primary Key and Unique Key
Primary Key Foreign Key
It is used to uniquely identify data in the table It is used to maintain relationship between tables
Eve Jackson
It can’t be null It can accept the null values
Two or more rows can’t have same primary key It can carry duplicate value for a foreign key attribute
Primary has clustered index By default, It is not clustered index
Primary key constraint can be defined on temporary tableindex It can’t be defined on temporary tables
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Sunday, 1 November 2020

Difference between clustered index and non-clustered index in SQL server

Clustered Index - Table is created with primary key constraints then database engine automatically create clustered index . In this data sort or store in the table or view based on their key and values.

Non-Clustered Index - Table is created with UNIQUE constraints then database engine automatically create non-clustered index . A nonclustered index contains the nonclustered index key values and each key value entry has a pointer to the data row that contains the key value

Clustered Index Non Clustered Index
Its created on primary key It can be created on any key
Only one per table Can be used many times per table
Data retrieval  is faster than non-cluster index Quicker for insert and update operations than a clustered index      
No extra space is required to store logical structure Extra space is required to store logical structure
Store data physically according to the order It don’t impact the order


ON <table_name>(<column_name> ASC/DESC)




ON Books(price ASC)


ON <table_name>(<column_name> ASC/DESC)

Example :


ON Books(name ASC)

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Saturday, 31 October 2020

How to remove the duplicate words in Sql Server

--DROP TABLE tbl_Sample
 [Sentence] VARCHAR(MAX)
INSERT INTO tbl_Sample
VALUES ('This is the the test test script from from')
INSERT INTO tbl_Sample
VALUES ('This should should remove duplicates')
INSERT INTO tbl_Sample
VALUES ('1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5')

--DROP FUNCTION dbo.[UDF_Remove_Duplicate_Entry]
CREATE FUNCTION dbo.[UDF_Remove_Duplicate_Entry]
      @Duplicate_Word VARCHAR(MAX)

      DECLARE @Xml XML
      DECLARE @Removed_Duplicate_Word VARCHAR(MAX)
      SET @Xml = CAST(('<A>'+REPLACE(@Duplicate_Word,' ','</A><A>')+'</A>') AS XML)
      ;WITH CTE AS (
      A.value('.', 'varchar(max)') AS [Column]
      FROM @Xml.nodes('A') AS FN(A) )
      SELECT @Removed_Duplicate_Word =(SELECT Stuff((SELECT '' + ' ' + '' + A.[Column] FROM CTE A
      LEFT JOIN CTE B ON A.[Sno]+1=B.[Sno]
      WHERE (A.[Column]<>B.[Column] Or B.[Sno] is NULL)
      FOR XML PATH('') ),1,1,''))
      RETURN @Removed_Duplicate_Word
,[Sentence] As [Before Duplicate removal]
,dbo.[UDF_Remove_Duplicate_Entry]([Sentence]) As [After Duplicate removal]
FROM tbl_Sample


May be if your using long table and If you get below error

XML parsing: line 1, character 23, illegal name character

The & is a reserved/special character in XML. It should be &amp;

I'll even add that XML parsing: line 1, character 23, illegal name character is quite clear.

If you consider that SQL counts from 1, then the 23rd character is the &

Just add replace funtion remove spcial character

,[Sentence] As [Before Duplicate removal]
,dbo.[UDF_Remove_Duplicate_Entry](Replace(Sentence,'&','')) As [After Duplicate removal]
FROM tbl_Sample

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